Our SEO Approach

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more than trying to game the Google algorithm by stuffing your content with tons of keyword that you are trying to rank for. It involves both On-Page and Off-Page marketing strategies that include your social media accounts, blog posts, PR strategy, print and radio, branding just to name a few. Your SEO efforts must focus on the natural way your ideal client (aka avatar) would be searching for your products and services and the conversational voice you use to connect with them that will match your content to their intended search.

The Google search algorithm is like shifting sand, once you think you are on solid ground, they change your footing and then you have to adjust your strategy. However, if you have a solid SEO foundation and strategic plan to manage this dynamic landscape, you can maintain a solid footing during change.

What Key Factors Affect SEO?

• You must be visible and easily indexed by search engines.
• You must provide authentic value with content that meets the searcher’s intent.
• Your pages must load quickly and be responsive for mobile.
• You must use a mix of specific search terms and long-tail search terms (i.e. dentists near me) in your content that matches the natural way your ideal avatar would be searching for you.

How Do I Rank #1 in Search?

When an agency promises you a guaranteed #1 ranking, you need to be overly cautious. We all have heard of big promises with so-so results that have given the industry a bad reputation. A lot of times those agencies use questionable tactics in order to get you a top ranking but those tactics can lead to being penalized by Google and severely hurting your ranking but more importantly, your brand image.

Our promise to you is the result of our SEO strategy work will have a long-lasting effect, an increase in relevant traffic, and significant improvements to your page structure. When you become our, we begin each Search Engine Optimization relationship with a conversation about your business and your goals so we can assess where you are and where you want to be in order to fully understand how to help you. Next, we conduct a website audit which allows us to accurately create your SEO strategy since your situation is unique, and the organic search strategy we develop for you will be too. Schedule your assessment today