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Why You Have to Start Video Marketing for Your Small Business

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Why You Have to Start Video Marketing for Your Small Business


If a picture speaks a thousand words, then imagine what a video can say.

Video marketing is an effective way to get across more complicated information that can’t be delivered by a photograph or even an infographic.

And for promoting a small business, video marketing can’t be beat

Customers are more likely to do business with brands in which they feel emotionally invested.

Video is the perfect way to build rapport, to share and to establish an interaction that doesn’t require a face-to-face response.

And because of this, video on social media tends to see more engagement than just text updates, photos or links. This, in turn, will boost your reach, clicks and – most importantly – your revenue.

There are many reasons to strongly consider video marketing:

You can enhance the sales cycle

Video can bring your marketing and sales efforts closer together.

Working with the sales team, you can develop video they can leverage from the introduction to a potential customer, straight through to closing the deal.

All of this means more consistent messaging, more engaging presentations and a better understanding of the services your offer. 

You can combine video with Facebook

Facebook is great for video advertising.

Just imagine using video testimonials that showcase your customers. Or focusing on specific target audiences to create ads using a tracking pixel that shows the video to only those who have already loaded your website. 

It’s the perfect opportunity for retargeting and refining the strategic message you’re sending.

You can create interactive videos

Get them involved.

Throw in some clickable graphics and Q&As to increase engagement. How the viewers interact with these will then provide insight on them, as well as the effectiveness of your content and messaging.

You can feature people

“Corporate messaging doesn’t connect,” says Kraig Kann of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA). “People connect with people.”

Kann says they use their best asset to build their brand through video. 

“And that means using our Tour stars to deliver our message for us,” he continues. “All of our promotional videos include players acting as themselves to sell our brand.”

You can use video to support other marketing initiatives

A lot of businesses are using video in their social media marketing to promote content from their blog posts, e-books or other written content. 

Getting a recap of a written piece from an actual talking head adds personality to your content. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to show your culture. 

You can produce an “Ask Me Anything” video

Video marketing does a great job of educating.

And as far as acquiring new customers, the Ask Me Anything (AMA) video has proven to be especially effective.

Offering a video question and answer session allows your potential consumers to become educated on what you’re offering in an informative and even playful way.

When you can personalize the video to the client, they feel engaged and are more likely to become a regular customer. 

Whatever reason you choose to go the video marketing route, just remember that the most compelling video content is authentic, real and human.

If you have any helpful tips for those considering video marketing, please feel free to share your experiences! And, if you need help crafting a video marketing strategy, get in touch.


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